About Us

About Us

Edbizz is world’s leading educational certification provider which is trusted by people all over the world. From primary school student to a working professional, Edbizz is always there to assist in grooming the skills of the individual according to the demand of time. Thereby, Edbizz is helping in upgrading the skills of people by making them competitive enough in today’s scenario. Each course at Edbizz has been crafted keeping it simple, accessible and adaptable as per the user.

Our Mission

We at Edbizz envision a world where everyone should have equal opportunity to choose a career path they are passionate about. Redefining the traditional education model and crafting it with excellence is our motto. We promise to provide access to the world’s best education partnering with top organizations and universities to offer courses online. Thus, we want to use global education resources, the internet and technology to help individuals and organizations worldwide achieve their education goals.

Our Services & Offerings

Edbizz is one of the largest virtual training provider in professional certifications like Project Management, Data Analytics and Quality Management. Our online Learning Management System conducts online trainings for individuals and corporates in various domains right from the primary education to diploma programs and moving ahead to professional certifications.