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We @ edbizz envision a world where everyone should have equal opportunity to choose a career path they are passionate about. Redefining the traditional education model and crafting it with excellence is our motto. We promise to provide access to the world’s best education partnering with top organizations and universities to offer courses online. Thus, we want to use global education resources, the internet and technology to help individuals and organizations worldwide achieve their education goals.

Professional Certifications

Edbizz is one of the world’s leading certification training providers. We have designed courses as per industry trends. Every course on edbizz is taught by top instructors from the world’s best universities... Read More

Online Tutoring

Edbizz is a pioneering online tutoring company. We offer dynamic online tutoring space where students can access our services from the convenience of their home/ school. They can use our comprehensive and thoro... Read More

Competitive Exams Preparation

Edbizz has a very clear mission to restructure the entire process how students prepare online for competitive exams. We have launched several courses to help aspirants in preparation of Engineering/ Medical exa... Read More

International Diploma & Degree Programs

We @ edbizz has been in the business of transforming lives by bringing educational diplomas accepted worldwide. Our unique competency based education provide skills required ... Read More

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